It is also interesting to note that the model we used is one of the gregs it has compiled from several years of experience as a seller. If you want to be particularly careful, you can seek legal support for this part of the process. However, we found that suppliers tend to take our draft agreement very seriously and ensure that they agree with everything before signing. Do you need to include your company name on all these documents (z.B. Sales contract, supplier proforma invoice, etc.) or can you simply use your Amazon seller name (ad)? You guys use jungle creations which, I believe, is their Amazon seller name in your sales contract. Does it make a difference to Amazon if you receive the product, what is the name of the shipping documentation? We are focusing on our six priorities to make supermarkets stronger. In addition, we have the opportunity to create a wider business, complementary to our supermarkets and consistent with our commitment to follow a slight growth in capital. Wholesale trade allows us to do this through the increasing quantity and use of our manufacturing, distribution and wholesale capabilities. At what point in the process do you actually pay the 30% to launch the order? Is it after designing the sales contract and obtaining the approval of the plant? And this week, we will review our final specifications and our supplier agreement! You are not employed by Amazon, you are responsible for your own taxes and you only offer one service as part of a contract. In this segment, it is expressly stated that there is no partnership created by the signing of this agreement, so that two or more people own a company intending to share profits and authority. Hello, I sent the contract to the supplier I chose. And he does not agree with the term regarding the 5% discount.

I loved communicating with the agent, she is so proactive and seems to understand what I really want compared to other agents I`ve spoken to. Do you recommend going further with this supplier? Everything else has already been discussed and I`m really happy with everything else. It seems to me that the non-acceptance of this term shows that the supplier will probably not be able to complete production on time…. This means that we have to find better creative arguments.