The terms of a concession contract depend largely on his desire. For example, a contract to operate a food concession in a popular stadium cannot offer much to the dealer in the kind of incentives. On the other hand, a government that wants to attract mining companies to an impoverished area could offer significant incentives. These incentives could include tax breaks and a lower royalty rate. Productivity targets are generally designed in stages, taking into account the looming problems that a container terminal will face in the first few years of operation. As a general rule, two phases are defined for the purposes of the concession or lease agreement. Phase 1 forms the start-up phase, from the start of operations to a later date one to two years later. During this period, the new management and staff will have the opportunity to structure operations, develop trade policies and train different categories of personnel. Phase 2 is the time when the terminal must operate with the utmost efficiency, professional management and a well-trained workforce. The following types of productivity targets can be included in the performance rules of concession agreements. Full concession agreements (including bot leases) and leases generally provide that locked-in assets will return to the port authority at the end of the lease. The transfer can be made with or without compensation, depending mainly on the duration of the contract and the investment value of the assets.

It is not uncommon for a port authority to pay the dealer or taker the depreciated value of the assets at the end of the concession period. Each concession agreement contains a list of definitions to accurately define both the purpose and concepts used throughout the agreement. These definitions will vary from country to country, from one legal system to one. Examples of the most commonly used definitions are presented below. The majestability of a word in chords often indicates that the word is specifically defined in the definition section of the agreement. The construction programme included in the concession contract is in principle binding. The completion of the relevant parts of the program is indicated by the success date.