Get ready for relaxing and eloquent fun with unique puzzles in 7 small words. Whether you`re enjoying words, anagrams and confusion or crossword puzzles, 7 Little Words is the perfect app if you take a short break or spend time in the meantime! Use the tips and blocks of letters to find the 7 confusing words in each mouth-fitting puzzle.7 Little Words is FUN and EASY TO LEARN. We guarantee you`ve never played that game. Try 7 little words today! Among the creators of Moxie, Monkey Wrench and Red Hering.—–7 Little Words contains 25 puzzles that you can play for free. Two new puzzles are available for free each day. CATALOGUE OF 10,000 PUZZLES SUPPLEMENTARYThe application also contains more than 10,000 puzzles compiled since the application`s initial release in 2011. There are thematic and non-thematic puzzles of all levels of difficulty (all available in the English and American versions), as well as Spanish puzzles and puzzles written for an Australian audience. You can subscribe to our catalogue. Subscription options include annual and monthly subscriptions. The subscription amount will be billed to your iTunes account as an in-app purchase.

Your subscription is automatically renewed, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the expiry date. You can also disable auto-renewal at any time in iTunes Account Settings. You can buy individual packages in the app without a subscription. Terms of Edit: – the new patch has tightened the appearance and improved it much more pleasing for eye-night mode, but the contrasting colors are still harsh (white on black); Beige, gray, orange or any color with less contrast would be much easier for the eyes with „night mode“ and make it much more attractive. A little softer. – Like color/image themes for each puzzle (in day mode)! – Love that there is no more rat tempered button! – the „childish“ aspect of the previous update has disappeared and the application sees and looks much thinner and more attractive. Good update! Original:I enjoy that there is no longer a `guess` button, but the rest is not good so far…. The application is now slow and slow, the animated movements are slow and annoying, and the application now seems much less professional. It looks a bit „childish“, which does not correspond to the content of the puzzles. Should you consider an option to disable animations when selecting tiles and/or a thinner appearance? Making the tile boundary a little thinner would also help. The „classic“ colour themes were much simpler and more readable to the eyes.

People with visual problems may have trouble using the new app. Even the new night mode is really the eyes! Perhaps you are considering using a color other than white (something with a less harsh contrast?) for them. I noticed that other reviewers had been asked to use the „Express“ version, but this would not be a realistic option for those who have already purchased puzzle packages with the original app. Let me first say that I have this application for many years and it has always been a favorite of me. It`s a challenge and I like to give my brain a work-out, but at the same time it`s very relaxing. I spent countless hours, probably weeks, if you add up the time I had spent playing it. One of the things I liked the most was the minimalist and simple interface that was recently modified. I`m sure people appreciate it, but I think it distracts me a little from the puzzles.