The Erasmus programme is an EU education programme that encourages exchanges of European students. In addition to organisational facilities, the programme also offers the advantage of eliminating tuition fees abroad and being able to easily recognise learning benefits from abroad in Germany through „learning-agreements“. In addition, some foreign universities only welcome students through the Erasmus programme. Supported by the European Union`s Erasmus exchange programme, Jannik Bach is currently spending a year at the University of Burgos. The Mannheim law student has been working in four criminal and tax law courses since September. „Spanish criminal law is very similar to that of Germany. Also, in Mannheim, I probably want to write my seminary work in tax law,“ he explains. Added us on Skype: UM Coordination Abroad Jura Or send an email with your phone number to: international (at) and we call you back. If you need a Transcript of Records for your home university, fill out the form or form available here.

It is only after you have collected all the tickets that you personally present the Transcript of Records containing the tickets in consultation staff, that you give us the Transcript of Records filled with the copies tickets in the ENTRÉE compartment of Room 5, or that you later send us the Transcript of Records fully filled with all the copies with your original address. The demonstrations take place in principle in German. Courses that are normally held in another language are available at Validity and interpretation of international choice of court agreements: The case for an extended use of transnational non-state contract law, in UNIDROIT (Eds.), Eppur si muove: The Age of Uniform Law, Essays in Honour of Michael Joachim Bonell to celebrate his 70th birthday Vol I, Rome 2016, p. 393 – 406. For the ECTS credits awarded, you will follow the type of course and the number of hours of the semester. For more information, see ERASMUS consultation hours during the course period are held twice a week. You can find the schedules and more details on the posters and information on the Contact page of the ERASMUS homepage at If you also have any questions, we are available at Students choose their fields of emphasis according to their own interests. Before the beginning of races, an individual Learning Agreement is concluded. This agreement may include readings in the Faculty of Law and also readings in fields other than law. The main language of instruction is French.

A detailed list of courses at the University of Heidelberg`s Faculty of Law can be accessed by the ERASMUS coordinator at your home university.