Some studies suggest that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce if those considering a marriage are considering a marriage. Divorce often binds families for years, while the parties try to reach an agreement – or argue – about the distribution of assets. Since the State of Delaware is a state of equitable distribution, the Court will endeavour to distribute the property fairly and fairly after the dissolution of a marriage if the parties are unable to reach an agreement. Unfortunately, what you think is right and what the Court deems fair can be two very different things. In Delaware, in the event of a divorce in Delaware, pre-marital and pre-marital agreements provide pre-marital instruments to protect the personal and family assets accumulated for your children and beneficiaries and to determine whether, in the event of divorce, support or spousal support is required. Unfortunately, neglecting this type of agreement does not mean that there will be no consequences. Indeed, if a marriage does not last forever, the non-marriage contract can have significant legal and financial consequences. The good news is that even if you`re already engaged, as long as you`re not married, there`s still time to protect yourself. Everything you have to do is contact a Delaware marriage settlement attorney who is leaving.

If you`re not sure who you can talk to, Rahaim, Saints-Walstrom has more than two decades of legal experience. In Delaware, a marriage agreement can also be entered into for a finite time to ensure that the couple is working. If you are married in Delaware without a marriage contract, you have the option of using a post-marriage agreement to define ownership and assistance obligations. A pre-marital agreement (also known as a marriage contract) is a legal contract in which two parties, before marriage, accept the way in which finances, property, children and other property are treated when the marriage ends. There are many other questions that will arise when the time comes. If you wish to establish or enter into a marriage agreement, remember that it should be designed and filed by an experienced Delaware County lawyer prior to marriage. Each member of the relationship should be represented by such a lawyer. In family law, Joseph Wahl has years of experience in negotiating and writing marital, pre-marital and post-marriage agreements. His business is organized for maximum responsiveness to customers seeking a pre-marital agreement in Delaware. The office is conveniently located in Wilmington Delaware, Concord Pike (Rt.

202) in the WSFS Bank Building of fairfax Shopping Center. No agreement can prevent divorce. However, the easiest way to avoid the time and cost of a long and lengthy procedure is to arrange in advance the disposal of assets and the payment of subsaments in the event of divorce. Marital agreements, often referred to as pre-marital agreements, are signed by both parties before marriage and take effect at the time of marriage.