B20.01 A worker is granted service leave for a reasonable period of time, set by the employer, when it is found by a National Labour Office that the worker cannot perform his duties because: B16.01 At the request of a worker, a worker, his spouse or five (5) years is temporarily relocated for a worker, his spouse or spouse or the spouse of common law. B8.06 The employer informs the worker as much as possible that a leave application has been approved or has not been approved. If the leave is not allowed, the worker is immediately informed. B9.08 The employer may award sickness benefits to a worker for a valid and sufficient reason if a previous advance has not been fully reimbursed. B21.06 When a payment is made under this article, the employer strives to make this payment within six (6) weeks from the end of the salary period during which the worker requests the payment or, if the payment is necessary to liquidate the compensatory leave not used at the end of the fiscal year, the employer will endeavour to make this payment within six (6) weeks after the start of the first pay period. After March 31 – B21.04 At the worker`s request and with the employer`s consent or at the employer`s request and with the worker`s consent, the cumulative compensatory leave may be paid, in whole or in part, once a year, to the worker`s hourly wage, calculated from the certificate of reconsence at the time of application. B9.03 A worker is subject to sick leave with pay if the worker is unable to meet his obligations due to illness or injury, provided that: if the employer terminates or changes a leave of absence or compensation previously authorized in writing, the employer reimburses the employee the non-refundable portion of the leave contracts and the reservations issued by the worker for that period. , subject to the presentation of documents that the employer may request. The worker must do everything in his power to mitigate the losses suffered and, if available, provide proof of this measure to the employer. Subject to the company`s requirements, a worker is placed on unpaid leave to care for his immediate family under the following conditions: The period of leave with such an evicted leave is added to the leave period at the request of the worker and approved by the employer or reinstated at a later date. B9.09 Sick leave credits that a worker earned during a previous period of work in the Public Service and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, but which they did not use, are reinstated to a worker whose employment has been terminated as a result of layoffs and who will be reinstated to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency within two (2) years of the day of dismissal. B7.02 If the employment of a worker who has received leave or sick leave with a salary higher than that which he earned is terminated by death or dismissal, the worker is considered to be salaried with the salary granted to the worker.