Afaxys GPO Services negotiates and enters into supplier contracts on behalf of the Member, which allow it to acquire on a non-exclusive basis (i) products and services available for use by the member under these supplier contracts and/or (ii) to participate in other CMOs or agreements under which the member may have access to services or the purchase of products and services from suppliers with which Afaxys GPO Services does not have a contract. The member authorizes Afaxys GPO Services, the member`s authorized representative and on its behalf, (i) to negotiate and conclude the terms of supplier contracts and to terminate, modify or modify supplier contracts, as far as necessary, timely or appropriate; (ii) to obtain information on the purchase of products and services in connection with supplier-by-member contracts by suppliers, third-party organizations, including other GINA CEDCS, distributors and e-commerce companies, and (iii) to participate in all administrative and other costs arising from purchases made by members under a supplier contract. With the exception of a contractual relationship that the Member has with a supplier and communicated in writing to Afaxys GPO Services prior to the entry into force of this Agreement, Member does not enter into direct contractual agreements or other relationships with suppliers, with the exception of a local supplement or other ancillary supplier support agreement in which Afaxys GPO Services has a supplier contract without prior written authorization from Afaxys GPO Services. At the same time, one organization might think that since they already buy directly from companies like W.B Mason, have a direct account with Verizon or buy their food directly from US Foods, they do not need the services of a GPO. However, if you become a member of a GPO, you can continue to buy from the same preferred credit partners, but you can save more money by using your membership in the group`s policy purpose. (c) The purpose of the Afaxys Group cannot require more than every quarter that members provide Afaxys GPO Services with the historical purchase data of members for the last six (6) months and the expected purchase requirements for the following twelve (12) months, as requested by Afaxys GPO Services. The member will endeavour to provide this information no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the application. Subject to an applicable confidentiality agreement, this historical purchase data contains data relating to the purchase of supplier products and services, both in the context and in the context of supplier contracts. There are three main types of group purchasing organizations: using the purchasing power of K-12 schools and universities, family physicians will negotiate the most competitive supply and service contracts to support critical educational services. While a vertical GPO supports businesses in certain sectors such as health, food, legalization, dairy and industrial manufacturing, a horizontal GPO supports businesses in a wide range of industries. GPO horizontal market members exist in many different sectors, but they buy many identical goods and services to build their products and manage their businesses. An example of GPO for horizontal market groups is OMNIA Partners.

[5] A foodservice or food services GPO focuses exclusively on the $600 billion foodservice market, including food and food purchases for multi-unit grocery operators, contract negotiations and supply chain services.