„The girl rode the horse very differently from me.“ Welde said. „I couldn`t.“ This is due to two reasons: owners must be notified when a rented horse suffers an injury requiring surgery or other important veterinary attention, or if it dies during the rental period. In addition, the stable operator in charge of breeding is ultimately responsible for the maintenance of the horse and may be vulnerable to accusations of animal cruelty if the horse was malnourished or otherwise neglected, even if board fees are not paid. So Welde stopped responding to the former owner`s e-mails asking her daughter to ride the horse, and „after a while, I didn`t hear from her,“ she says. As a buyer, the things that are to be searched on a lease-to-own: the name, age, color and sex of the horse, as well as a good description. Receive copies of all health check-ups, vaccinations and veterinary records. Get a pre-purchase animal exam to test for paralysis and other health problems. Fees and payment obligations are essential in horse purchase contracts. Be sure to agree on the exact purchase price of the horse and include it in the lease-purchase agreement. Many things can happen over a lease period, including the unknown, as is often the case with horses. Never say that a horse is bomb resistant, never goat or is ideal for children and gentle. It`s a responsibility you don`t want.

It is easier to say that the horse has no vices that you know, and it has never behaved inappropriately to your knowledge during the period you owned it. That being said, you will reveal all the vices or bad habits that the horse has. „If you have with the pension that the pension is responsible for feeding and maintaining the horse and the pension does not pay or show up to look after the horse, then you are responsible,“ she adds. Ready to find the right horse for you? Go to Equine.com, the first classifieds site of the horse network, in search of the perfect horse! Just because the horse is registered with a club does not mean that this registration certificate becomes proof of ownership. This is only evidence of this association and, in most cases, it is not legally binding. The retention of papers until the transfer of ownership by horses only affects the ability to show the horse in recognized shows and not on actual possession. Now that we have looked at the tiny details to be included, but we are often forgotten, we have to make sure that all the negotiated terms end up in the treaty. Many coaches negotiate payments and commissions outside the written terms of the sales contract, making it difficult in a later dispute. If the terms of the sale or lease agreement have not been taken into account in the original agreement, contact your trusted lawyer to develop an amended agreement to act or resolve the original contract.

Maybe the buyer would rent independently and this route offers a reasonable option, if the horse is really „the horse“, then the money goes to the purchase.